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Ria Money Transfer app Italy

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With a presence in 167 countries Ria Money Transfer is one of the four largest remittance service providers in the world. Most of Ria’s customers send remittances via, or from one of Ria’s many stores worldwide. In 2019 Ria introduced a new way for its customers to send international money transfers. This was the Ria money transfer app. It was initially launched in the United States and Canada. Ria is now making this app available to a wider customer base by launching it in more countries. One of these is Italy.

Italian users

Italy is a beautiful country of 60.3 million people, of whom 10.4% are migrants. Collectively this 6.3 million-strong migrant community sends in excess of $10.8 billion in remittances annually. A significant percentage of these remittances helps support migrants’ families in their native countries. Italian is the official language as well as the most popular language in the country. Launching the Ria money transfer app in Italy, and making it available in Italian will help make remittances simpler, quicker, and more secure.

The digital advantage

Sending money online is always better than using physical channels. International bank to bank transfers are consistently among the cheapest and fastest remittance conduits. Digital channels are also far more resilient. Recent lockdown measures have slowed down many physical supply chains, while digital channels remain unaffected. Digital money transfer methods are also preferable with regards to security. Your data is always handled over secure servers. Any possibility of human errors while filling out paper forms is eliminated. So is the need to stand in a queue at a remittance office. End to end tracking is made easier for both senders and recipients.

The app advantage

Migrating to the app is practically a natural succession from browser-based transactions. The Ria money transfer app gives a more personal experience than any other remittance method. Using it you can send a money transfer with equal ease from your living room, or while on the move.

Thanks to a new feature of the app, you no longer need to type your card info into the app. You can simply take a picture of your bank card. The app automatically reads your card number which you can then save. Say goodbye to mistypes and hassle. Your account information is safely stored within the app, so you don’t need to enter it before every transfer. Compare this with having to enter your bank details using a shared computer in an office or another public environment.

The app resides on your phone which is a very personal, access-protected device. If you want still more security you can activate the face recognition and fingerprint recognition features of the app.

Make life easier

If your beneficiary needs to collect the remittance money in cash, you must select a pickup location. Among the most appreciated features of the Ria app is its ‘location finder’. Using it you can quickly find the closest and most convenient Ria location. Simply type in the city name or zip code. The app will instantly give you a list of locations to choose from. Despite the lockdowns, most of Ria’s 397,000 worldwide locations are operational. However, mandatory restrictions on operating hours have been imposed in some places. We recommend that you call the agent to ensure they are open.

The Ria money transfer app allows you to track your transfers from end to end. You can also get push notifications on your phone every step of the way. Even though transfers are usually completed within minutes, it is great to get live updates.

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