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Discussion on: To Semicolon, Or Not To Semicolon;

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Danny Perez

I enforce semicolons via eslint. If I don't, then I find myself writing some lines with and some lines without which has made it more distracting for coworkers (Are you using it or not?!)

I did not know about ASI so this was very helpful. On larger teams, the rule has been - doesn't matter as long as we're consistent.

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EmNudge Author

Consistency among any styling choice is always going to be the most important decision!
Styling choices are irrelevant unless they're consistent.

I find myself preferring automatic formatters like Prettier over linters to avoid all the headache. When using auto-formatters, one should always make sure everyone else is using the same thing or else git commit logs will be obscured by a ton of semicolon insertions and whitespace, making it hard to read exactly what changed.