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Free, Open Source ASP.NET Core User Community & Support Software

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Hi All, I hope you don't mind me sharing a new open source project I've been working on for the last 2 years. The 1.0 release was only last month so things are still fresh but I'm hoping to possibly attract some early contributors or users from this lovely community.

The projects name is Plato. Plato is a 100% free, open source user community & support platform built upon ASP.NET Core. If discourse and Zendesk had a baby I'd like to think the end result would be somewhat close to Plato 😊


With Plato you can...

  • Collaborate with your users through fully featured public or private discussions
  • Easily publish beautiful product or technical documentation to help your users in Markdown
  • Provide an online knowledge base of helpful support resources composed in Markdown
  • Support products through public or private Q&A features & voting
  • Shape products through public or private product ideation & voting
  • Improve products through public or private issue tracking & voting

Plato is written in C# using .NET Core 2.2 (soon to be 3.0), MVC6 & Bootstrap 4.

As well as offering an open source ASP.NET Core app for those wanting to add community or support features to there existing ASP.NET Core apps I'm hoping Plato will also serve as an example for those wanting to learn how a larger .NET Core project is structured. Plato currently has over 220 projects and 160 modules so should hopefully be considered a larger ASP.NET Core application.

As you would expect Plato leverages many of the conventions and architectural patterns suggested by .NET Core. We try not to reinvent the wheel.

I would love to get others involved early to help improve Plato. No contribution is to small. If you're interested in helping or simply learning more, please visit the official Plato GitHub page @ https://github.com/InstantASP/plato

Thanks for reading.

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Thank you so much Trevoir. I sincerely appreicate your kind words and you taking the time to take a look at Plato :) If I can help with anything of course please don't hesitate to respond. Best wishes Trevoir.