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Avantika Tiwari
Avantika Tiwari

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How to build the courage to adapt to a new environment and put yourself out there.

If a living thing adapts, it changes over time so it can continue to exist in a particular environment. In short, when we adapt we become familiar with a new situation.

When facing something new, our survival pattern kicks in, making us retreat to our comfort zone. Facing a new problem, then solving it and putting a solution out there that is well understood can feel overwhelming and unnerving at times. It feels easier to procrastinate and pretend that the problem does not exist until you have no choice but to face the challenge.

Meanwhile, we see that some people in our environment have adapted to the new situation better than us and can solve the problem but the solution is not understood by all yet. This creates a knowledge gap between the hustlers( Who puts in the effort and grow fast) and as long-as-it-works (people who do not put in the effort, cannot grow and thus cannot adapt) type of people.

The reason behind writing this article is to address a very critical issue about how we can put ourselves out there. As a complete newbie in the computer science field and a first-time blogger, I still struggle to blog and grow enough to generate value-based content.

How we can tackle the issue.

Start by taking small actions every day. It could be as simple as learning how to use HTML CSS on a web page to as complicated as how to contribute to big open source projects.

Make yourself accountable by joining an online community and network .Hello ,I am new here and would really like to know this community.

Develop a growth mindset to increase your skill set. Only when you have financial confidence you can earn your livelihood and create value-based content for others.

Ask, yourself do you want to die without solving any problem faced by your peers and without contributing anything to your community when they are looking at you to give them a solution. Make their life easier so that when you are not around they can live their life with you as their guiding light. Do your work diligently so that you do not have to apologize to the future generation as an incompetent leader.


Change is the law of nature and solving the problems that our species face in an immediate environment is our duty as a whole. You can ignore passion but you cannot shy away from duty and responsibility.

Thank you all for reading. Hope you have an octotastic day.

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nuevemilimetr0s profile image

hi! I am just starting in this whole coding-developing-computers world (learning a little HTML and CSS, and planning on taking more courses soon. found this website looking for info on how to make something -honestly don't remember what it was-. Today i joined this community just so I could learn a little more from the people here (there are really interesting posts here), but have been feeling kinda worried, like, I want to know everything right now, butat the same time, it feels overwhelming.
Anyway, I just found your post and it really touched me. Idk, you made me realize that it really doesn't matter as long as i am doing what I want, and taking things slow is better than trying to do everything at once and not doing really anything.
Guess i just wanted to say thanksfor your post!!
i am now filled with determination :)

insomniac007 profile image
Avantika Tiwari

Thanks for your Response. As mentioned in the post, I am new here and really want my blog to be community driven. I usually focus on learning one skill at a time.As mentioned in your post that you are learning Html and CSS,You can join 100 dev bootcamp if you are new to web dev. Two links that can help you are given below.
Lastly, I am glad that you find the post helpful. Take ownership of your life with a mindset that success is your ethical duty and necessary for our survival.
Practice a skill bit by bit, competence and confidence will follow.

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