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Free Tailwind CSS Template For Mobile App Websites

Lucian Tartea
FE developer helping peers create beautiful websites faster with free HTML templates -
Updated on ・2 min read

Hi developer friends! I recently completed work on a new free resource for the web dev community. The name is Pavo and it's an HTML template made with Tailwind CSS to help you create beautiful and efficient websites for mobile applications. It's available as a free download without requiring attribution, registration or any other marketing gimmick.

Free download:


  • Open source MIT license
  • No registration, no attribution
  • Tailwind CSS 2, HTML/CSS, JS
  • Responsive design
  • W3C valid
  • Included images
  • Smartphone mockup
  • Details lightbox
  • Statistics numbers
  • Card slider
  • Dropdown navigation
  • Extra pages

I worked on the initial Bootstrap release (also free) and then partnered with Shruti Balasa for the Tailwind CSS version. Shruti is an awesome developer and passionate Tailwind CSS evangelist which creates awesome web development tutorials on her YouTube channel Thirus. She handled the entire conversion process like a pro and invested a lot of effort to make this a valuable resource for the Tailwind CSS community.

The template uses a light design style with blue gradients and contrasting button colors to highlight your content and make it memorable in the visitor's mind. The essential features and included extra pages will help you quickly create a beautiful and efficient online presentation for your app. The features include details lightbox for additional information, text slider for project presentation and testimonials and dropdown navigation. You will also find article details, privacy policy and terms & conditions extra pages in the download package. Pavo also includes the smartphone mockups which can be used for free in your project.

Enjoy this resource made with a lot of love exactly like we would like to find a free template on the web. Your feedback is extremely important so please post your comments below and if you like this article press that Like button :)

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