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Abhinav Sharma • Edited on

I am sorry but I don't get the point of this post . you just copy pasted here an already curated list from github.
Can you explain ?

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Rubin Author

Its for those people who don't know that such a curated list exists. Also its for nestjs framework which is relatively new compared to others and has some update contents in the utility section

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Abhinav Sharma

I got that. But it is just reposting. You could have wrote something of your own explaining Nest.js and in the end a mention url of the curated list would have made this article less redundant.
That is my opinion of this post. I am just trying to advice you better.

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Why are you desperately trying to rise the fault in this post. If you have knowledge of this, why are you here. Just for your kind information there are numbers of people who don't have any idea about this. So let this post help them. If you think it's useful take advantage of it else leave it. It doesn't mean, the thing is useless for you, will be for others in same manner.
I am just trying to help you.

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