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Become an Ethereum Developer by Reading and Learning from these 65 Blog Posts

The big-daddy of the alts - a claim contested by thousands of self-professed Ethereum-Killers who unfortunately got rekt by crypto-volatility.

1. Token Curated Registry (TCR) Design Patterns

Token Curated Registries (TCRs) are a building block of decentralized applications based on fungible tokens (FTs) and digital scarcity. They are fast becoming one of the hottest “Token Building Blocks” for decentralized blockchain applications. The use cases for TCRs are far reaching, everything from a simple whitelist to full blown decentralized governance. In this post I discuss some design patterns for TCRs and potential use cases. I am not purporting to know the Schelling point parameters, nor have I built these TCRs. This is for design thinking and use case exploration to spur innovation in the community.

2. Here’s how I built a private blockchain network, and you can too

This is PART-4 of The Product Manager’s guide to the Blockchain series! If you somehow landed on my publication for the first time, Welcome! I recommend you start from part 1, and then read part 2 and part3 before reading this post. However If you are the explorer type, read on!

3. Mine for Bitcoin with ANY Computer

Mining is a great way to enter the cryptocurrency ecosystem. However, Bitcoin/Litecoin is almost impossible to mine for the average user. It requires expensive equipment called ASICs that are made by a controversial, centralized company called Bitmain. These ASIC chips consume high amounts of electricity, and ASIC mining farms often use cheap & ecologically-destructive coal power. These centralized mining cartels mint the vast majority of new Bitcoin, and are responsible for contentious forks of Bitcoin in order to maintain a monopoly of the network.

4. Beginners guide to GDAX, a Coinbase’s Exchange to trade BTC, ETH and LTC

As the popularity of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is increasing either due to astronomical price increase of Bitcoin over past few days or so many public figures making pro comments and few against it, this is making more and more people to learn and invest in Bitcoin.

5. Is NEO the One?

There’s a new crypto platform on the scene and it’s a blockbuster.

6. Calculating Costs in Ethereum Contracts

GAS PRICE PSA (2017–08–23): The median gas price at the time of writing this article was 28 Gwei, and continues to be in the realm of 20 Gwei. This is far greater than the typical average and safe-low found on EthGasStation (4 and 0.5 Gwei respectively). The median is so high because of bad gas-price defaults found in many wallets. I highly recommend using EthGasStation’s average gas-price or lower in order to not pay high fees and to help drive down the market rate for gas-price.

7. Getting Started as an Ethereum Web Developer

UPDATE: I have created a repo for you to play around with that showcases most of the stuff covered in this article.

8. Popular Use Cases of Blockchain Technology You Need to Know

I am the Blockchain! I am invincible because I replicate myself on multiple computers. Yea like the Ultron. You cannot corrupt me. Though Bitcoin and Ethereum were my first applications. My true power is yet to be unleashed.

9. My cryptocurrency picks for 2018 : part 2— Request Network — PayPal of the next generation?

The sale disappeared as fast as it arrived so it seems to be a perfect time to learn about another promising coin in preparation for next sale. As mentioned in the first part of series (which can be found there), my next pick is a coin based on the Ethereum platform. Lets see what this particular currency is about and what the team is trying to deliver.

10. 10 smart tricks hackers use to steal your cryptos (and how to protect from them)

For consumers and crypto buyers, the crypto-jungle is a real mess as far as security is concerned.

11. Everything You Need to Know About Smart Contracts: A Beginner’s Guide

One of the most unique features of blockchain is its quality of acting as a decentralized which is shared between all the parties of the network thus, eliminating the involvement of middlemen or third-party intermediaries. This feature is particularly useful because it saves you from the chances of any process conflict and saves time too. Though Blockchains have their own set of issues that are yet to be resolved, they offer faster, cheaper and more efficient options as compared to the traditional systems. Due to this, even the banks and governmental organizations are turning to blockchains these days.

12. How to Run a Blockchain on a Deserted Island with Pen and Paper

If you’re ever stranded on a deserted island, knowing how to run the process of decentralized consensus — or in other words, operate a very simple blockchain by hand — can prove to be very useful. All you need is some fellow survivors, this post, a pen and a few pieces of paper.

13. Don’t use a blockchain unless you need to

An easy way to spot a startup that won’t provide return on investment is to look for the words “blockchain” or “decentralized” on their landing pages.

14. How we made $100K trading CryptoKitties

By now everyone has heard of CryptoKitties, a cute game that went viral to the point of overloading the whole Ethereum network. This is the inside story behind how we made $107K investing in CryptoKitties and briefly set the record for the largest sale ever (currently second-largest). Later, we made ~$8K running an automated arbitrage bot. While playing the speculation game at the height of the mania was exciting, the bot was fairly technically involved and will be interesting to people who want to learn blockchain engineering in general.

15. 11 Best Ethereum Development Tools to Grow Your Stack

Blockchain tech is getting chief officers hot and heavy. When it’s your turn to show them your stack, will you distress or impress?

16. Securely Generating and Storing an Ethereum Wallet

With the rise of Ethereum and Initial Coin Offerings (ICO’s), especially ERC20 tokens, people unfamiliar with Ethereum or other cryptocurrencies like BitCoin are becoming interested in the technology. Unfortunately, getting started with Ethereum and participating in ICO’s is not simple.

17. Which Crypto Lending Platform to Use for Passive Income?

I have been into with various Crypto Lending platforms for awhile now and thought i’d share some of my thoughts and experiences on each. Some of these are Decentralised Finance (DeFi) platforms while others are not.

18. How to Invest in Cryptocurrency

It’s 2017 and the cryptocurrency party is in full swing with both Bitcoin and Ethereum up 400% and 5000% at one point respectively. Banks took a huge U-turn and stopped closing down the accounts of so-called “suspicious” Bitcoin traders in favor of joining the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance. Even my largely reclusive Asian tiger mom has heard of the 比特币. Yet amidst this bulging backdrop (or bubble depending on your point of view), there are surprisingly very few direct, end-to-end resources for the retail investor to take part in this speculation smorgasbord.

19. Trump Won’t Kill America, Bitcoin Will

Update: Based on the reception to this article, I expanded on some of the ideas explored here and comments I received in response to them in a video embedded at the bottom. Take a look and share your opinion.

20. What is Proof of Stake?

The proof of stake system is attracting a lot of attention these days, with Ethereum switching over to this system from the proof of work system. Proof of stake is an alternative process for transaction verification on a blockchain. It is increasing in popularity and being adopted by several cryptocurrencies. To understand proof of stake, it is important to have a basic idea of proof of work. As of this writing, the proof of work method is used by Bitcoin, Ethereum and most other major cryptocurrencies.

21. USDT vs USDC: Which Can Earn You A Better ROI?

Do you remember when stablecoins were still just for hedging risks? In the crypto industry, just about anything can become a source of profit – including stablecoins. But which of the USD-pegged coins should you buy to maximize your earnings?

22. How to Create a Cryptocurrency Wallet and Secure your Assets

Knowing how to buy and sell cryptocurrency on a crypto exchange is not enough, you need to have a secure crypto wallet where will store your assets. Just like walking holding all your hard earned money on your hands can be risky, leaving your digital tokens on the exchange can be a big risk. If the exchange gets hacked, you coins could disappear into thin air.

23. How one hacker stole thousands of dollars worth of cryptocurrency with a classic code injection…

The attack detailed in this post has already been fixed by the EtherDelta team. I share this as a cautionary tale for Dapp developers and cryptocurrency users.

24. Transferring ERC20 tokens to Cryptocurrency Exchange

Click on Deposit button in the last column of table against ZRX token (row). You should be able to see an Ethereum like address, which you need to copy to clipboard (Ctrl+C or Command+C).

25. Blockchain 101 — only if you ‘know nothing’!

Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Ethereum — you must have heard about these buzzwords. And maybe the stories of people making a quick fortune out of it, and why not — look at the market capitalization of so-called ‘Cryptocurrencies’ and how it has grown in the last year. Blockchain is the idea which drives them all.

26. It’s perfectly fine to see “Vires in Numeris” message on Ledger Nano S

Today, while using a Ledger Nano S — I was shocked to see this scary message after I left my ledger nano s for few minutes while a transaction was confirming. The message was scrolling horizontally saying “Vires in Numeris

27. WTF is The Blockchain?

Unless you’re hiding under the rock, I am sure you’d have heard of Bitcoins and Blockchain. After all, they are the trending and media’s favorite topics these days — the buzzwords of the year. Even the people who’ve never mined a cryptocurrency or understand how it works, are talking about it. I have more non-technical friends than technical ones. They have been bugging me for weeks to explain this new buzzword to them. I guess there are thousands out there who feel the same. And when that happens, there comes a time to write something to which everyone can point the other lost souls to — that’s the purpose of this post — written in plain english that any regular internet user understands.

28. NEO versus Ethereum: Why NEO might be 2018’s strongest cryptocurrency

NEO is a platform with a purpose. Can it compete with Ethereum? Or better yet, does it even need to?

29. How to Earn Bitcoin: 5 Simple Ways to Earn More BTC

For many people, buying large amounts of Bitcoin is not a financially-viable investment strategy. But the good news is that there are now more alternatives than ever that make it easy for people to earn bitcoin.

30. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Blockchain, Tokens, ICOs: Why should anyone care?

The Crypto market is gaining lots of steam. 
Gravity-defying price rallies…

31. What is the math behind elliptic curve cryptography?

When someone sends bitcoin to you, they send the bitcoin to your address. If you want to spend any of the bitcoin that is sent to your address, you create a transaction and specify where your bitcoin ought to go. Such a transaction may look like:

32. Are IDOs the Next Alternative to IEOs and ICOs?

There are major players as exchanges that are running in a fully controlled manner. The solution recently presented itself in IDO - Initial DEX Offering.

33. Dogecoin: The Value Proposition That's Worth More Than a Penny

Dogecoin started its initial coin production schedule with 100 billion coins in circulation. By mid-2015 the 100 billionth Dogecoin had been mined though.

34. Blockchain Platforms: One Chain To Rule Them All?

Cowritten by Noam Levenson

35. Eight Simple Rules for Protecting Your Cryptocurrency

I ran a computer consulting company for a decade. When a prototype ransomware virus ripped through one of our biggest customers, I knew I was finished. Within three months I’d sold the company.

36. A beginner’s guide to getting started with cryptocurrencies

So you’ve taken the red pill, and now you’re either looking to invest, or have started investing into cryptocurrencies already. With the overall crypto market growing over $100 billion in value in just 2 weeks (as of this writing), the space is heating up and it’s entering mainstream adoption.

37. The Product Manager’s guide to the Blockchain — Part 1

If you are reading this post, you perhaps already know what a blockchain is. If not, here is an interesting video by the World Economic Forum on what the blockchain is today and could be in the very very near future.

38. DAOs - Blockchains Final Frontier

Prosperity not created by capitalism but through cooperation.

39. Will Layer-1 Public Blockchains Rise or Fall in the Next Bull Market?

An analysis of differentiated L1 public blockchains and why they may outperform in the next bull market.

40. Millions of Dollars Are Waiting to Flood Into Cryptocurrencies But They’re Stuck on the Sidelines …

It’s the “WHALES” aka people with at LEAST several million dollars worth of cryptos in their possession, in “old school” financial terms these are the people known as “High Net Worth Individuals” (HNWI).

41. Why Stellar could be the next big ICO platform

How blockchains organizations are finding a business model with Initial Coin Offerings

42. How To Implement Staking in Solidity

Including a code sample of this powerful tokenomics scheme.

43. How To Launch Your Own Production-ready Cryptocurrency

This article covers blockchain programming for cryptocurrency, testing the code, and deploying to the blockchain. Learn how to create wallets and a simple user interface for smart contract execution.

44. The complete guide to upcoming ICOs (Q1 2018)

We took a glance at some of the hottest ICOs of the quarter as reviewed by the likes of Ian Balina, OhHeyMatty, IcoBench, IcoDrops and so on and put them through our usual process and then summarised the results into the complete guide you see below.

45. High GAS Fees for On-chain Transactions: Can We Fix it in Time?

But with the skyrocketing prices of transaction fees, especially on the Ethereum network, this space craves alternatives (which we are already seeing).

46. How China’s New National Cryptocurrency Changes Everything

China is launching a national cryptocurrency. In this article, we’ll tell you what information is already known about the project at the moment as well as how it may change the financial world.

47. How to trade cryptocurrency without transaction fees?

This article is the second part of Beginners guide to Coinbase Pro tutorial. If you’ve not read or unfamiliar with Coinbase Pro — I would recommend to read first part which is linked below.

48. Blockchains don’t scale. Not today, at least. But there’s hope.

The first Bitcoin paper was first released in 2008. My excitement about the potential of blockchain technology has been building ever since. 
Decentralized digital currency, once just a far-fetched goal, is finally making inroads into the mainstream. While that’s exciting on its own merit, I’m personally most excited about the potential for decentralized applications. Financial exchanges, prediction markets, and asset management platforms all carry enormous potential. 
The trustless systems supporting them are no less intriguing; identity verification systems, smart property, censorship resistant social platforms, and autonomous structures and governance models like DAOs. The most disruptive use cases probably haven’t even been dreamt up yet. 
But this dream still remains a dream for the foreseeable future — while a few early enthusiasts and entrepreneurs are experimenting with building such applications, there’s still a big missing piece that prevents us from seeing these applications come to fruition: scalability. Blockchains, as it stands today, are limited in their ability to scale.
That’s not to say that this will be the case forever, but it’s definitely true today. In fact, I’d argue it’s one of the biggest technological barriers we face with blockchain technology today. It’s quickly become a very active area of research among researchers in the community and cryptocurrency in general.

49. Setup your own private Proof-of-Authority Ethereum network with Geth

February 2018.

50. 7 Crypto-Predictions for 2021 That Everybody Will Agree With

Learn what awaits crypto in the 2021st, what fosters its mass adoption, how institutional investors fuel industry, and how vaccine may influence bitcoin price

51. How to List Your DeFi Token on UniSwap

In our first article, we covered how to make a DeFi project successful, build a community, and organize a marketing campaign.

52. How To Get Market Cipher Indicators For Free and Use Them To Crush The Market

The 3 of the most coveted indicators for crypto are now live on Aurox.. For FREE! These indicators cost a whopping $1500 but free on Aurox.

53. Implementing Ethereum trading front-runs on the Bancor exchange in Python

This post is a deep-dive into programmatically trading on the Ethereum / Bancor exchange and exploiting a game-theoretic security flaw in Bancor, a high-profile smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain. The full code can be found at We collaborated with the Bancor team to make sure the current exploit is protected against, although for a little while there would still be a chance to make some beer money for educational purposes.

54. The Ultimate Guide to NFT Marketing and Promotion

How to promote a DeFi and NFT project, the full guide to NFT marketing that will help to make non fungible tokens and decentralised finance projects successful

55. Looking to Invest in a DeFi Project? Here are 5 Ideas Worth Considering

2020 will go into crypto history as the year of DeFi. It has been a long time since we have seen a hype of similar magnitude, probably best comparable to the 2017 ICO hype.

56. Grayscale's (GBTC) Pump Effect Means 2021 Will Start Slow

let's look at what Grayscale is, what this 'pump effect' is, and why it might create sagging prices over the holidays.

57. Why Everyone Missed the Most Important Invention in the Last 500 Years

You’ve never heard of Yuji Ijiri. But back in 1989 he created something incredible.

58. Ethereum Gas Fees for Dummies

How gas fees are calculated and how to minimise the cost of conducting transactions on the Ethereum network.

59. Is Chainlink The One 'Ring' To Rule Them All?

In this article, I take a deep dive into Chainlink and blochain protocols, and explain why I think Chainlink is the greatest investment of our lifetime.

60. How crypto goes from less than $1 trillion to $100 trillion with Polymath

The real opportunity in crypto is taking existing liquid assets trapped on local expensive exchanges and making them global, real-time, 24/7. Not just existing assets but over time every asset, every home, every private equity and venture fund… everything. That’s the opportunity Polymath is addressing.

61. Yes, this kid really just deleted $300 MILLION by messing around with Ethereum’s smart contracts.

Last year, The DAO, a decentralized ‘autonomous’ investment fund, got hacked for $50 million. In July, a hacker was able to steal $31M of Ether by exploting a bug found in Parity’s wallets. Today, we have the worst hack yet, only this time, the stakes are even bigger and it is all just one big fuck-up.

62. How To Stake ETH 2.0 Without Running a Node and 32 ETH

How to stake eth without running a node, defi solutions, staking

63. What the heck is EIP-1559?

What is EIP-1559? Will this improvement proposal makes the transaction fees lower and the transaction speeds faster? Read on to learn more!

64. Understanding The Cryptocurrency Bull Run 2021

In this article, I explain the larger pieces of the puzzle contributing to this epic 2021 cryptocurrency bull run.

65. How To Use Remix and Metamask To Deploy Smart Contracts On The RSK Testnet

In this tutorial I will show you step by step how to use Remix and Metamask, which are tools that were originally built for Ethereum, to create and deploy a simple smart contract on RSK’s Testnet.


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