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What is ChatBots? How does it work?

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Hey, what’s up? How are you? Hello? Doesn’t this phrase sound familiar to you? When you visit a website you see a smiling chatbot pops up with a message, wanting to talk to you and address your queries about a brand and product. Chatbots are a form of artificial intelligence that triggers client interactions on social platforms. Chatbots always work within a defined set of rules and parameters.

ChatBots are actually an incredible form of artificial intelligence or robot intelligence that makes client interactions to go smoothly on a number of social platforms. A chatbot platform offers plenty of functions that can be hosted in leading platforms like Facebook, messenger, text messaging and much more.

Chabot's are paving the way to the virtual interactions that occur through highly advanced AI technology. Its combination and constant connectivity make them amazing virtual communicators, offering ample of opportunities to brands to kick start conversation related to product and services. It's not wrong to say with chatbots, the interaction is endless.

You might be wondering, how does it work? Chatbots work under restricted frameworks and all chatbot s are supported by complex programming. A typical chatbot read a sentence into so-called intent. Every intent is associated with a set of responses and bot picks up a response and sends it back to the user. Read following points to get a better understanding of this process:

How chatbots interacts in human language?

Human language is messy and imprecise, that’s where the NLP engines come into the picture. NLP is made of a number of unique libraries that allows bots to identify and extract the entities. Entities refer to the relevant pieces of information which bots received from the user through libraries like tokenization and named entity recognition. Tokenization is a part of NLP engine, that breaks sentences into different words, removing punctuation while named entity dig out words in predefined categories (place, name and addresses) The entities might use a library called a normalizer, catches common spelling errors and converts languages as well.

How it simplifies complex requests?

If you are asking for a more generalized assistant rather than a text powered version of an application, the bot will help you understand context and intent. For building context and intent, you will require some additional NLP tasks that trigger NLP to get an understanding of words. There are a lot of options out there to build an NLP engines. Research more about it befoe you invest.
How does it respond? Once the chatbot is ready to interact with the customers, feedback loops are developed for the communication. If you have noticed, chatbots provide few options to the customer like “Did you mean a, b or c. it helps chatbots to understand what actually customers are asking and how to respond accordingly. This also improves bot’s accuracy as customers are choosing from the options and this information can be utilized to retrain the machine learning model, hence, increases chatbot’s efficiency.

What is NLU?

NLU is referring to the natural language understanding, it consists of three specific concepts

Entities: entity is associated with a concept in your chatbot.

Intents: it is an action should perform by chatbot when the user is asking something. For example, do you have red shoes? Or show me a red pair of shoes? All of these options give command to bots identity what actually user is looking for.

Context: NLU doesn’t retain the history of the user interaction. This means, if chatbot receiving answer from the user, it won’t remember the question. It is crucial to differentiate the phases during any user interaction for the storage purpose.

Conversation is simple and short

If you are talking to a chatbot app, the flow of information is concise yet valuable Chatbot also provides store previous conversations so you don’t need to remember them while interacting. A chatbot is known for giving straight and clear answers. Therefore,enhancing customer satisfaction towards the brand. You can easily ask anything from a chatbot, it will give you a precise answer without confusing you.

Now you know what chatbot is and how it works in the digital world. With the help of AI technology, we can finally communicate intelligently on virtual platforms. Chatbots are not only making communication easier, it also helps us find product, places, food and even solves customer service issues Brands are using chatbots to gain competitive advantage and improving customer engagement on major platforms.

Article by: IncodeTech - ASP .Net development Company in India currently working on Chatbots and IoT Mobile app development.


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