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Discussion on: What Am I Doing Wrong?

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Darrell Washington Author

Those where great tips I never thought about needing to restructure my resume. I have gotten other tips but those suggestions are great. Can you give me the link or title of the post you are referring to?

Also the apply to everywhere tip is something I need to work on honestly. This may sound weird but I do filter my job search. Things like 2-3+ years of experience, knowing A-H technologies, and understanding X,Y and Z scare me off.

I do need to get past that.

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Ryan Latta

Here is the post:

The job search is a draining experience. It takes practice, discipline, and a lot of resilience. Hang tough and don't stop until you get a job.

Then, get a different one if it doesn't work out.

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Darrell Washington Author

Thanks, Ryan, I'm not planning on giving up. I will keep trying
different actions until I get the results.👍