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Discussion on: What Am I Doing Wrong?

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Darrell Washington Author

Thanks for the advice. I'm going to redo my website and minimize the "content overload." Everyone here has pointed something out with my website. So I will definitely take a look. Also the theme on WordPress I'm using is writing weird inline styles, broken links and all.

Thanks for bringing the website issue to my attention. It will be changed immediately. I was looking into doing GT's coding Bootcamp and padding my resume with certificates. That takes time and plenty of money but I hope that will make up for the CS degree. What do you think?

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Darrell Washington Author

Hey, Patrick, you were very detailed in your response and advice concerning my website. This led me to redesign and redevelop a new website entirely. I hope you approve of the changes. I have a few issues that I can't seem to figure out how to fix.

  1. On mobile, the header background image looks terrible and not really like an image at all. Even though dev tools emulator shows the image perfectly.
  2. I have compressed my images yet I still don't feel like my website loads fast enough.
  3. My the responsiveness of the site is almost good but certain text and elements aren't aligned properly (I am sure you will notice).

However, I am pretty happy with the changes and the website.

Thanks, for your help and support

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Patrick Minton

I think google can help you with most of these, but here are some guesses:

1) This is maybe because of Retina displays? Remember that on retina, images must actually be 2x their pixel size.

2) go to your website in Chrome, open the develpor console, click "Audits" and "Perform an Audit". That'll give you lots of insights into what loads slowly, and what you can do to fix

3) yeah, CSS debugging can be a bitch. GLWT :D