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What on earth is a Data Scientist? πŸ€”

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Hello there! πŸ‘‹πŸ» Sorry to interrupt your scrolling, but this is an emergency...(sort of πŸ˜‚)

In recent times (past year or so) I have been constantly tormented by this question. I have probably spend unhealthy amounts of time on LinkedIn and seen too many posts of people who were (until recently) veterinarians, hairdressers and the like and now are fully-fledged Data Scientists (I'm exaggerating quite a bit by the way). Now, don't chew me out just yet. I understand that Data Science is one of those super promising fields and that virtually anyone, and I really mean ANYONE, can get into no matter their background. That's cool.

Now, let me provide you with some background info. My interest in the field of Data Science has grown over the past few years. What I like about Data Science is how it combines research with development and how the outcomes can be put to use in various industries. However, seeing the developments described above makes me wonder if taking the tech-intensive route there, isn't too much of a detour. (Arguably, there's some benefits here though, which I should probably address in a different post.)

So by all means, can anyone out there please tell me what the heck a Data Scientist is? Additionally, do you think this is an actual role or is this just an over-glorified Data Analyst? I'd love your insights on this one!

Let us have a healthy debate about this topic! Feel free to express your views and opinions below (Let's keep it civil though).

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Rushan S J

Data scientists are part mathematician, part computer scientist and part trend-spotter. Usually data scientists find problems, solve them using tech skills like visualizing, coding etc. A Data analyst is a person who gathers data, plots it, structures it and so on. Data scientists share a lot in common with data analysts but data scientists solve problems using mathematics and code. Like regression, machine learning etc. Hope it helped !

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Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment! Things make more sense now πŸ˜‚

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