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Discussion on: You Can Do it in SQL, Stop Writing Extra Code for it

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ImTheDeveloper • Edited

There appears to be some angst in the comments which I feel are formed from some sort of professional bias. However I see the sentiment of your publication and I have to agree on a number of points. There appears to be a slight ignorance as to the benefit of using SQL to reduce complexities in application code but I believe the power of some languages has proliferated the tendency to pull all the data and manipulate it afterwards. Whilst this gives great flexibility it also brings with it real inefficient setups. I recently investigated some slow load speeds which turned out to be a developer pulling every column in on every query for simple search statements in a very wide table. Whilst the code looked really neat and the orm gave very shorthand code it feels as though there is little to no thinking about the database optimisations and even query optimisations that can be made. It's kind of treating an orm as just this magical gateway to fire hose data into the application.

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Geshan Manandhar Author

Thanks for the support. ORMs need to be used wisely.