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Programming: Human Philosophy

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Hey everyone!

I have been tech enthusiast for a very long time. Only thing that motivated and kept me going was the adrenaline rush while exploring the newer technologies and its working.

Apart from being a tech enthusiast; I have been actively working on different platforms, trying to figure out the philosophy behind it and learning the metaphysics or what you can say technicality of the programming or behind programming stack.

This is my article on putting my ideologies on Programming Philosophy, for the beginners out there who think programming is difficult.

This article is to all the beginners who are from a Non-Programming background and are willing to learn and become a developer just us all, some day sooner or later. :)

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Please check the link : Programming: Human Philosophy

P.S. : Please do not think, I am trying lurk you into my website. I have put a lot of efforts in writing this article. Please do drop your comments, and share your philosophies on Programming.
Being a programmer, a developer was something I always wanted to. Your words, remarks, ideologies would be very helpful to grow better developer.

I would be very happy and open to have a look at the different perspective you would pose. :)

If you would like me to write an specific article on any stack I am proficient in, please drop an e-mail at shravan@ohmyscript.com

Thank you for patiently reading and being a wonderful audiences. :)

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Hey Shravan, thanks for sharing your article! Many may think that the processes you described are very simple or "trivial", in the end, thinking about solving problems and how to talk to a machine is indeed "simple". But when we really think about the 2 philosophies you listed on a deeper level it can be really helpful.

I am new to programming, only really started diving into it and decided to change to the area last year. Understanding the languages and how to write code was relatively simple , but some stuff just didn't seem to really make sense to me until I started caring about how things work on the background. I did a lot of research on how was the code I was writting really affecting the environment to work and understanding why some languages/frameworks were even invented really helped me on the learning process.

To conclude, I think that programming can become a lot simpler once people go deeper to understand how or why the things they're doing are working besides just learning how to write code on a specific language. This philosophy part of the work is indeed important!


Astounding! :) That's a great insight.
Thank you for being a wonderful audience.