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Harvard University's CS50 Free Certificate Guide

Harvard University's CS50 is Probably the best intro to Computer Science Course for those who want to get into tech. Course has a top notch instructor David Malan. It introduces you to fundamentals of programming. When you submit the problem sets of 11 weeks & final projects you'll be eligible for a free Cs50 Certificate.

Many get confused on certification process. Don't worry I'll help you out. I've learnt this by class central's guide. You need to have an edx account. Then click on this link

Instructions on Cs50 Page
Scroll down the page & you'll find how to submit instructions. Fill out the form. Give access to your GitHub account for project verification by teachers. Learn Cs50 2022 Through YouTube or edx. Submit .sb3 files through submit50 command & you're good to go. For more detailed instructions👉

Take your time to grasp all the concepts & ask for help in Cs50 discord channel if you're stuck. Happy Learning!

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