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Discussion on: How do you learn to talk about your work?

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Parvez Shaikh

I'm a big time introvert and yes I'm admitting it on this platform. I have earned good amount of skills in my domain but often get scared or you can say, feel shy, to share my learnings or explain my projects.

To overcome this, what I have started is writing blogs, documentations, ReadMe files, Presentation which helps me and other developers or any person in an organisation to learn or to know what I have been working on.

Few tools which I use more often to write my notes or to share my learnings on public platform are:

  1. Notes(Mac)
  2. Visual Studio Code Editor
  3. Medium []

After writing, I do share it with my colleagues, seniors, product owner, engineering head, etc. In this way, you don't have to say anything but your knowledge, learnings and thoughts are going everywhere and, if lucky, will get appreciated.

But I would personally suggest to enhance your networking skills, talk to people, atleast get into conversations.