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Discussion on: Hi, this is my personal website :)

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ste • Edited

I don't know what kind of feedback you are lookin for but that's mjne.

I am an italian guy and I don't know what you wrote in your portfolio so I will not judge it.
I think that there is something wrong in the UI, in particolar the projects section looks a little bit messy.
This is due to the fsct that you are using screenshots of the applications in order to present them, these projects have different layout, sizes and colors making your portfolio looks bad.
My suggestion is to use a logo for them, all logo must have the same size.
Aldo buttons are all decentered, I suggest you to align them in the center of the boxes.
The first set of them "Todos" are not very inutitive, it took me a bit to understand their fuctionality, maybe you should out a label like "filter"

Btw, I am not a designer, I am just passionate about it.

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Also Your photo is not so professional and in a very low quality.
I suggest you to enlarge it and put it in a rounded box.
It is important to show who you are and it is not supposed to be a secondary detail, just my personal opionion.

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Bazaldua Author

Yes, I need to change my photo and redesign the projects section.

Thanks for the comment, I really appreciate