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How a framework helped me make more money

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If you are a developer, you’ve probably been pushed by everyone around you to learn a framework to develop your applications. But nobody tells you in a clear way about the advantages this will give you. So why should you trust a framework?

This choice is never easy. The main reason developers have a hard time choosing a framework is the fear of being conditioned in a bad way.

But in every developer’s journey comes the moment to make this choice. It’s almost always the same moment we finally find the business idea we want to dedicate ourselves to seriously. (At the end of this article, I’ll talk about my first SaaS product experience.)

Adopting a framework can lead to great results, and enable you to build assets that bring you business success.

Build the most important asset to earn more value form your efforts

Before the web revolution exploded, assets were things like:

  • A building to rent
  • Gold and diamonds
  • A patent
  • A profitable company

This list is still good, but if you look at the biggest companies in the world today, such as Google, Facebook or Apple, you can easily see that today it’s easier to gain success by developing a software product than finding diamonds.

An asset is something with a great value. It doesn’t need to be physically tangible, made with bricks or iron. And for a developer, the most valuable asset is to define a process.

Try to imagine how much easier your job would be if you had a clear, defined method that is repeatable and even automatable.

The advice I give to my collaborators is:

Stop looking for tools or libraries to write less code. Instead, find what can really help you to define the right process to solve specific issues in a long-term way.

Find and build assets.

Step by step you’ll see your hourly productivity rate grow

Software developers are one of the lucky groups of people in this world who love what they do. Many study a lot so they can get big results if they apply their focus to the right things. And learning a framework can lead to those big results.

A framework is the most important resource you have because it pushes you to work to make assets and to automate all your processes.

For example, if you spend time studying how to handle authentication using a framework instead of coding it from scratch, it doesn’t mean you’re wasting your time, because you will never be able to do it in a repeatable way or without errors.

The first step is to understand that this idea is not an admission of ignorance but rather a wise way to reach our business goals as quickly and securely as possible.

Be against a good framework is like saying no to an international team of experienced developers who make applications for successful businesses. They give you advice on how to reach your goals and you say no, that you don’t want restraints.… Seriously?

Before saying no, think about it. Maybe that restraint holding you back is you.

My experience with Laravel framework

During my professional journey I have worked with all the main software production environments (PHP , Java, .NET), but only with PHP and Laravel did I experience exponential growth of my productivity.

Laravel is a developing environment designed to build web applications with the most modern and efficient methodologies based on a “services” concept.

You’ll be able to delegate some functionality to external services and focus 100 percent on your business and on your product.

Whichever framework you choose, using a framework to develop your applications can give you a number of advantages that will help you earn value from your efforts.

Laravel is the foundation of a SaaS product I built called Inspector, a real-time monitoring tool for PHP that helps developers to fix and change their application rapidly, keeping the business stable and secure.

It is just one of millions of examples of what can be done with the right tools and the right mindset.

Other developers feedback are driving my product roadmap and I would be happy if you joined me on this journey.

Try Inspector, it’s free, and write me what you think about:

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