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Resolve MySQL lock wait timeout dealing with Laravel queues and jobs

Thank you for your feedback, Happy to help.

How to accelerate application performance with smart SQL queries.

Hi Aaron, thank you for your detailed comment. I believe that...

Which backend programming language should I choose?

PHP forever. Great performance, An easy to use environmen...

Technical debt so bad I quit my job

That was my experience too. I started ny career as software...

PHP developer point of view of “The State of Developer Ecosystem 2019”

This is what experience has taught me.

The Importance Of Log Files

Logging in terms of collect application execution informati...

HTML can do that?

I didn't know about the color picker!! Wow!

PHP Perfomance optimization

In my way of thinking it's more about habits than refactori...

PHP Perfomance optimization

Hi Andrey! Thanks for sharing, it's a really interesting te...

How to find out if your back-end is firing an exception now.

Hi! Thanks for you feedback! I'm a developer too, I like to...

I definitively left my freelance commitments and now I’m working full time to make my SaaS product profitable.

Hi! Pleasure to here from you! Pricing policy is thought ...

What gives you the most anxiety when freelancing?

Lose a customer for a poorly developed project

What's your worst nightmare as a coder?

Customer complaint on a Friday evening :)

What's your worst nightmare as a coder?

😆😆😆😆😆 great

Replace comments with better code

I'm curious about your thought :)

Welcome Thread - v33

Hi! I'm a Laravel developer! I also read a lot of interesti...

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