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Discussion on: PHP Perfomance optimization

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Valerio Author • Edited

In my way of thinking it's more about habits than refactoring. I study new things and write articles to improve my habits. If my skills improve, then slowly the applications I'm working on will change for the better.

I don't think the impact on performance is business critical, so I don't think a refactoring task is necessary. Invest in skills and you (or your collaborators) will get the same result automatically.

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Andrey Ageev

I understand your point, and fully agree. I think it's again problem that i can't explain what's on my mind, damn my bad english ). I just trying to say that it's not so much strings in enough good designed project, and using "fastest" quotes for each case won't give you real profit. IMHO good choice is select quotes for better readability and team codestyle.

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*sneaks in and whispers* As long as no variables are replaced, there is no significant difference between single and double quotes. I did a quick benchmark today with PHP 7.4:

See discussion in my recent article about PHP performance optimization:

*sneaks out*

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