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re: I'm also one of the lucky ones, I'm from Dublin and have been in the industry over 8 years. I've never had an issue with salary, my boss or my male...

"99% of the CVs I get are men." Really? 😳


Yes unfortunately, maybe it's something specific in Dublin at the moment but I've always wanted to hire more women to even out the team (as long as they were the right person for the job of course!). I'm hoping more girls are coming through college and that it won't be this way forever.

Also Dublin here. Hired two team members within the past year and we also received maybe 2 CVs from women out of an applicant pool of 40-50.

It's crazy, I'm thinking of looking into doing a talk or visits to secondary level schools to see if the issue is that girls see it as a male dominated industry and that deters them from applying for tech related college courses. I know of the 190 in my year that went to college I was the only one that did something computer related!

In the UK they have schemes to background check people and give them opportunities to go help out in schools to promote STEM careers (science, technology, engineering, mathematics). Many girls schools contract those networks asking for speakers to come and talk about their careers. A quick google found that has a volunteers section that might lead to similar opportunities.


This is very common, I've met this in France as well, not only once.

Same with here in Italy.

In ITTs (tech high school specialization) generally are all male classes. The stats for all my years there were 800 students total and maybe 20 girls every year.

That I've seen, in my company we got 2 female senior devs. Both kickass at their jobs. And now we have a new hire who just ended her internship who's been hustling to learn to code, while having a non coding but STEM background.

Not sure what the numbers are in universities, I personally decided to go the self taught wrote. Could probably ask buddies of mine if you fellas are interested.

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