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Discussion on: Why I'm sort of leaving Linux

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Igor Santos

I must say this article is sort of a click-bait. This is not actually about "why you're leaving Linux" but why you can't be productive when you have so many shiny stuff to hack on.

Given the arguments you use, I guess Mac would be just fine as well. I came here to read about Linux issues (given the title), not your own, personal struggles with focus :))

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Tim Apple Author

Point taken. But it is pretty matter of fact. I don't have many issues with Linux, if any. Maybe lack of certain software and lower app quality. But there are things I like on Linux I can't get on Windows also.

I really do like both quite a bit these days. Linux I prefer from a more idealistic side. The whole freedom fighter thing.

But as time goes on, I really don't have to many issues with commercial software. Microsoft is doing good things. And I feel I can get behind them these days.