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Cart before the Horse

When I first started learning about computers, I was still on the Reservation, they'd discard old technology on the Reservation along with clothing: there'd be mountains of clothing and electronics in the dumpsters until they slightly wised first computer, to start it, I had to hold down the BIOS chip, a 486DX100 from Hell just to play DOOM and as I sit here on my MacBook Pro 2012, 16 GB DDR3, 500 GB SSD...I use Sublime Text just to make colored text for memes, lol, jk I have Anaconda, use Jupyter Notebook, crushing data for all bits of information useful...Data is my
Actually I keep thinking rather than making a perfect app, why not make an app that is intelligent, that improves itself; at the same time, maximizes the user's potential by a true analysis of their real worth(offering suggestions how to become more useful to society, rather than destructive), a merging of technology with life to make the world a better place...people make bad decisions all the time, asking whether wisdom is learned from them is laughable; technology makes bad decision making nearly impossible in the Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams sense

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