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re: limiting the maximum amount of tags per post I think you shouldn't do that if you ever want to provide searching feature. Just pick (some of) the...

It is very hard to curate the tags as well. When you curate content from multiple sources, each source has its own "native" tags and some tags such as release don't even exist there. It will require a sophisticated system for automatically tagging the content. Unless I'm missing something and you have an idea :P

Your tags is under your decision. Just make sure they're unique, e.g. if you decided to use #async and #python, then you would translate "native" #asyncio to them.

Of course I will miss some news, it always happens anyway. And it doesn't matter! They're news I want to know, not what I need. If I need, I will seek them. If I'm in freetime, I will surf the source directly.

So in my opinion, you just have to keep all things relevant, not all relevant things.

Thank you for pointing it out :)
We still have a lot of work on curating correctly the content and as you mention keep all things relevant (or at least most of them). Hopefully, now that we are open source the community will also help us to accomplish it.

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