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The Web Frontend Developer Career Path with iDevBrandon

Brandon Ha
Goona be a king of developer and investor. Follow me @iDevBrandon
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Focus on these 5 to get a job. Don't waste your time on researching what else to learn okay? just 5 below.


Table Of Contents

Chapter 1 HTML/CSS
Chapter 2 JavaScript
Chapter 3 React
Chapter 4 Algorithm/ Interview

I'm not rich and i would like to share free/paid resources for your study(almost free ones)

    It's just so basic so once you know how to play with HTML/CSS, you can design any website you want.
    I learnt CSS/SCSS from Joans course.

  2. JavaScript
    It's the most most most important thing you have to master to be a good developer.
    The Complete JavaScript Course 2020: From Zero to Expert! by Jonas

  3. React
    It's one of the most popular JS frameworks in industry.

  4. Algorithm/ Interview
    You will have to study algorithm to pass coding interview. I will post again for FE developer interview questions in different post
    4.1 (question list)

  5. Certification
    You don't really this to proof but i would like to get Google Analytics and AWS one just in case.

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