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Grant API Permissions with Microsoft.Graph

Granting API Permissions to Managed Identity can only be done using PowerShell.
In the past, we did it using AzureRM PowerShell modules, but since it will be retired in 29 February 2024, it's time to update the scripts to Az.

The Az.Resources PowerShell module 5.1.0+ introduces changes to the identity-related cmdlets, with the cmdlets relying on Azure AD Graph transitioning to Microsoft Graph.

PowerShell Modules

If you haven't done it yet, install the Az.Resources module

Install-Module -Name Az.Resources -Repository PSGallery -Scope CurrentUser
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Sign in

In order to change app role assignments, you need to have at least AppRoleAssignment.ReadWrite.All and Application.Read.All permissions.
Specify these scopes when signing in, to make sure you can execute the script

$tenantID = "{tenant-id}"
Connect-MgGraph -TenantId $tenantID `
-Scopes "AppRoleAssignment.ReadWrite.All", "Application.Read.All"
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Grant API Permissions to Managed Identity

$spObjId = "{service-principal-object-id}"
$siteUrl = "{site-url}"

# Get Service Principal
$sp = Get-MgServicePrincipal -ServicePrincipalId  $spObjId


#Retrieve the Azure AD Service Principal instance for the Microsoft Graph (00000003-0000-0000-c000-000000000000) or SharePoint Online (00000003-0000-0ff1-ce00-000000000000).
$servicePrincipal_Graph = Get-MgServicePrincipal -Filter "DisplayName eq 'Microsoft Graph'"
$servicePrincipal_SPO = Get-MgServicePrincipal -Filter "DisplayName eq 'Office 365 SharePoint Online'"

#Get AppRole Id for Sites.Selected
$appRole_GraphId = ($servicePrincipal_Graph.AppRoles | Where-Object { $_.AllowedMemberTypes -eq "Application" -and $_.Value -eq "Sites.Selected" }).Id
$appRole_SPOId = ($servicePrincipal_SPO.AppRoles | Where-Object { $_.AllowedMemberTypes -eq "Application" -and $_.Value -eq "Sites.Selected" }).Id

# Grant API Permissions
$graphParams = @{
    principalId = $sp.Id
    resourceId  = $servicePrincipal_Graph.Id
    appRoleId   = $appRole_GraphId
    principalId = $sp.Id
    resourceId  = $servicePrincipal_SPO.Id
    appRoleId   = $appRole_SPOId
New-MgServicePrincipalAppRoleAssignment -ServicePrincipalId $sp.Id -BodyParameter $graphParams
New-MgServicePrincipalAppRoleAssignment  -ServicePrincipalId $sp.Id -BodyParameter $spoParams
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Quick check if everything went well

Get-MgServicePrincipalAppRoleAssignment -ServicePrincipalId $sp.Id
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You may find the script here

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