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Discussion on: Do I Want To Work In This Company, or What Questions To Ask On An Interview

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Elena Author

Hi Luiz, thank you for reading!

To me, it hasn't happened yet that they think I'm arrogant. (Or at least they didn't tell me:).

I usually frame it this way: I'm very interested in your company, I'd love to know more.

The interviewers usually tell the candidate that they have 10 minutes left for questions, of that they only have time for one more question, for example. Then the candidate doesn't have time to ask all of them, and will have to prioritise. Although it is usually possible to ask more questions by email afterwards, or arrange one more call.
Sometimes, I ask it by myself: I'm so interested in your company, I have so many questions, how much time do we have?

I think that the interviewers usually take questions as a sign you're interested in their company, which is good and flattering for them. Everyone is happy to talk about themselves.
Along with that, this is a sign that you pick your next place to work at carefully, which means you can choose. And this means you're a great professional and you have standards you applied to previous places as well.

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Luiz Franca

Thank you for you reply. I get really nervous on interview, so know some questions to make ahead of time really helps.
I'll make sure to make more questions when I have an interview