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re: Fantastic Post Elena!! I am working towards finding the middle ground. In my current job, delivering the product takes priority over quality of t...

Hi Subbu,
Thank you for the compliments! :)
Regarding your questions.
1) I completely understand how you feel. The trick for me is to think from the business perspective. Is it beneficial for the company to refactor now or later? Can I justify investing time in it? There can be different answers depending on a situation. If I need to convince someone on a high-level position, numbers help as well. How do you estimate the workload in, say, 6 months without refactoring? Sometimes I find out it really doesn't matter that much - in this case I need to silence my inner perfectionist.

2) Yes, I have. This also depends on the company's priority. If it is a non-critical piece of code, is needed only once, and has to be finished very soon - maybe speed is indeed more important.

Please note: I am not trying to convince everyone to produce bad code quickly :). This is about how a perfectionist learns to prioritize better.

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