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Discussion on: What Should be in a Coder's Toolbox?

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Ibrahim Wehbi

Well I am new in the Web Development business and I'm trying to work my way by studying daily(concentrating on HTML HTML5, CSS CSS3, JavaScript, and PHP). However, I studied ASP.Net and C# at the university but it didn't serve me well.

At the moment, I am working my way to become a senior programmer as I have finish a maze game that shifts on particular places and you must study the terrain for hints to solve it, otherwise you'll get stuck with the shifting terrain!

And working on a Wedding Designer Website for my relatives.

I would be pleased if someone gave me links to some advanced Web Programmer Websites to help me further on in my studies and researches!

Thank you,
Ibrahim Wehbi

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Sam Jarman 👨🏼‍💻 Author

I wouldn't aim towards a senior just yet. To me, at least, senior indicates about 10 years experience of working on teams, mentoring juniors, putting out metaphorical fires and communicating with customers.

At this point you should look for a job. Most sites will teach you the basics.

Once you have some good skills under your belt - put them to use, either on a personal project or a commercial one.

Good luck!