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TensorFlow, Deep Learning, Red Hat OpenShift – watch February 2020 online meetup recordings

IBM Developer SF team hosts weekly online meetups on various topics. Online events are one of the best ways to scale your Developer Relations program and reach developers anywhere, anytime and for a long time after the event.

The following are online meetups we hosted in February 2020. Register for any future events on Crowdcast.

Introduction to TensorFlow and Watson Machine Learning

February 5, 2020

Watch the recording 📺

Deep Learning Master Class II – Computer Vision

February 6, 2020

Watch the recording 📺

Fraud Prediction using AutoAI

February 12, 2020

Watch the recording 📺

DL Master Class III – Model Performance, Quantization, & Hyperparameter Search

February 13, 2020

Watch the recording 📺

Deploy Microservices with Red Hat OpenShift

February 19, 2020

Watch the recording 📺

Serverless Mobile Backend as a Service

February 26, 2020

Watch the recording 📺

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