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Discussion on: I'm an open source enthusiast at Mapbox, the creator of Leaflet and 40+ other JS libraries, and a rock musician. AMA!

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Isaac Besora Vilardaga

What do you think are the most valued competences you need to have a job like yours?

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Vladimir Agafonkin Ask Me Anything

The most valued competency is being kind and empathetic to others — it's not just a personality trait, but, as I learned, a skill you have to cultivate. Especially if you're a maintainer of a popular open source software — you'll interact with many people that had a really bad day. Also, in tech companies, communication skills are often much more important than technical proficiency.

The other big one is curiosity — it's the core driving force behind everything I do. Diving head-first into challenging problems, constantly learning, experimenting fearlessly with everything, completely failing 20 times to come up with something amazing on the 21th.