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I have a question, even though this blog post is about Node.js, I have a question about Go.

How can you mimic Promise.all() in Go? What would be equivalent code in Go?

async function main() {
  // Assume all db calls will return a promise
  const firstUserPromise = firstDbCall().then((res) => res);
  const secondUserPromise = secondDbCall().then((res) => res);
  const thridUserPromise = thridDbCall().then((res) => res);

  const [
  ] = await Promise.all([firstUserPromise, secondUserPromise, thirdUserPromise]);

funny enough, in Go is a little bit harder to do the exactly same!

i recommend you to go through two blog posts:

  1. Go: Concurrency Patterns: Pipelines and cancellation
  2. Go: Learn Concurrency

you will need to use channels/goroutines to achieve the same.. as said by rhymes in this thread, you will need to use WaitGroup!

there's a merge function in the documentation link of item 1 above, where using it, you can do something like this:

func makeRequest(url string) <-chan string {
    res := make(chan string)

    go func() {
        res <- "Request started..."

        _, err := http.Get(url)

        if err != nil {
            res <- "Failed."

        res <- "Done!"

    return res

func main() {
    c1 := makeRequest("https://google.com/")
    c2 := makeRequest("https://twitter.com/")

    for n := range merge(c1, c2) {

running it will print:

$ go run main.go 
Request started...
Request started...

i've been using it since I discovered it :)


This looks simple and powerful. Probably I'll have to dig deeper to understand it. Thanks for the resources.


You probably need to use a WaitGroup.

This is the example you can find in the documentation link:

package main

import (

type httpPkg struct{}

func (httpPkg) Get(url string) {}

var http httpPkg

func main() {
    var wg sync.WaitGroup
    var urls = []string{
    for _, url := range urls {
        // Increment the WaitGroup counter.
        // Launch a goroutine to fetch the URL.
        go func(url string) {
            // Decrement the counter when the goroutine completes.
            defer wg.Done()
            // Fetch the URL.
    // Wait for all HTTP fetches to complete.
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