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10+ Reasons To Date a JS DEVELOPER ;-)

closure is still hard for us though

How to Create Luck

Someone told me once, "Luck is being in the right place at th...

What the heck is 1:1 ?

Great read. Thanks for the detailed explanation.

Owe your own career growth!!

I am doing 4 of the things you mentioned. So yeah, it feels g...

What I learned in my first year of being a Manager

Great article. You shared a lot of really good insights. I w...

Tips to Writing Tech Talks/Blog posts

This is perfect time for me to read this. Thanks for sharin...

Has your job impacted your physical health?

When you start as a fresher in a startup with you being onl...

Socket.IO - What, Why and How?

Thank you. Glad I was able to help.

9 Extremely Powerful JavaScript Hacks

This was very informative, thanks for sharing.

Callbacks vs Promises in JavaScript

Great article. One question: What's the difference between ...

React Native Memory profiling (JSC vs V8 vs Hermes)

This was insightful

How to write a kickass README

My bad, missed it. Good article bdw.

How to write a kickass README

I use this module It...

WebSocket Simplified

Thank you, Arthur.Glad you liked it. Working on the next on...

WebSocket Simplified

Glad you asked. HTTP is not meant for keeping the connectio...

Socket.IO - What, Why and How?

Hi jeyaraj, tbh I have never used at a large proj...

Socket.IO - What, Why and How?

Thank you vaibhav. 😄

WebSocket Simplified

Thank you, glad you find it helpful. Second part of this se...

My Google Technical Interview Cheat Sheet

Oh that was the book name, my bad. Thank you so much.

What size company do you work for? What's that like?

I can understand, I'm also in a similar situation. On paper...

What size company do you work for? What's that like?

It's a startup with 9 people in total. 3 people in tech tea...

My Google Technical Interview Cheat Sheet

Which book you're suggesting in (cracking the coding interv...

8 Practices In React That Will Crash Your App In The Future

Your posts are always so informative. I'm getting better at...

How did you get your first Dev job?

This is pretty interesting. So, I finished my final year of...

What time of day are you most productive?

5 AM

The only way to improve your CSS game👩🏾‍🎨

Cool post.

What was the moment you realized you weren’t such a newbie anymore?

Two things: People come to me for advice and I was able t...

I'm starting 30 days of commits in July, who'd like to join me?

Same, I'm in too.

Understanding JavaScript/TypeScript Memoization

Thanks, I wanted to know that too. Great article

Never work as a software engineer in a Startup!

I just realized that I am a product engineer regardless of ...

The Practical Checklist for Getting a Job

I just saw it's a great article indeed. I think Kent covere...

The Practical Checklist for Getting a Job

Nice list, One thing I think in your list is quite difficul...

Class vs Function based programming simplified

If we use the value from Math.PI then this is indeed pure b...

Which part about your job/studies/etc. gives you the most anxiety?

Impractical deadlines

What's the most excited you've ever been about a new technology?

Earlier it was React Hooks, thanks to hooks that the amount...

How to Align and Justify your flex item in first try

Thank you

How to Align and Justify your flex item in first try

Thanks for appreciating.

Describe Your Job With a GIF!

It's a startup and I'm managing App Development. Backend, F...

50+ Data Structure and Algorithms Problems from Coding Interviews

This article is like a Gold mine for me. Thanks a lot

App-ideas Github Repository Update - Tiers

This was really helpful. Thank you for sharing this.

The 14 habits of highly effective developers (Part 2)

It was a good read, both Part 1 and Part 2. Thank you for s...

How my side project became my full-time Startup!

Inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

Welcome Thread - v30

Hello people, I am Shad and I am a JavaScript Developer wor...