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Hi I'm Prince Otchere, an R&D chemist turned web developer. I program in JavaScript and have recently set up a personal site that I will post thoughts relating to my interests.

I started with projects of my own and went on to help others like the Order of the Serpent, Positive Education and Nationwide.

Since I am currently focused on improving with TypeScript, Angular and AWS, I look forward to learning from posts here and sharing some of my thoughts.


The Order of the Serpent? As in this Order of the Serpent? orderoftheserpent.org/

For TypeScript, I found these series of articles very useful: medium.com/@wittydeveloper/typescr...

Welcome to dev.to!


Yes. That is correct. I got really interested in the Left Hand Path after deploying the CRUD comparative religion app, Hypatia. So back in 2017, I came across a group of users on Reddit that wanted to migrate from Religious Forums to their own space. And that's where the Order of the Serpent started.

Also, thanks for the resource. I'll take a look at it.

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