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🎉 Element UI for Vue 3.0 is coming!

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Element Plus, the first UI component library written in TypeScript + Vue 3.0 Composition API, is released today!

Element UI, which was born on 13th March 2016, has grown up from an internal component library of to one of the most popular open-source UI component libraries in the Vue ecosystem within 4 years.

Till now, Element has gotten 48,800 Github Stars and 1,000,000 NPM downloads per month. More than 530 contributors from the community have made 4400 commits to participate in the maintenance with our team.

Element team 40000 Github Star celebration
*Element team 40000 Github Star celebration

Element Plus for Vue 3.0

Vue has released it's 3.0 version in September 2020. To support the latest Vue 3.0 syntax, it's a great opportunity for Element UI to make a new major release with a lot of inner changes and improvements.

After 23 alpha versions of heavy developing, we are glad to announce that Element Plus for Vue 3.0 Beta is available TODAY!

Element Plus

Element Plus for Vue 3.0 is a brand new project using TypeScript + Composition API. We have rewritten almost every line of code using the Vue 3.0 way, mainly including:

  • Use TypeScript for a better development experience, and provide a complete type definition
  • Use Vue 3.0 Composition API to simplify and reuse the logic
  • Use Teleport, a new feature introduced in Vue 3.0 to refactor the components
  • Use Day.js, a lighter and better date-time library
  • Use Lerna to manage sub-projects
  • Core dependencies upgrade such as Popper.js, Async-validator
  • Improve i18n support for 52 languages

Something more:

  • Cool design language
  • Optimized component API
  • More customization options
  • More detailed and friendly documentation

Get Started

There are many ways to try Element Plus for Vue 3.0 today.

Do you like Element Plus? Feel free to give us a Star ❤️ to support us.

During the past 4 years, your favor and support, which make Element UI better and better, are much appreciated. Element UI cannot thrive without the community, you are warmly welcomed to join us on Github and make Element UI great.

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Loved it <3

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Becca Bycott

Cool Element UI, I like it

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