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Kalaiarasan Pushpanathan • Edited on

I hear stackoverflow stories daily on devRant on how unwelcoming it is to newbies. I heard that they are trying to change that but still.

I have been here a few days and don't see any abuse by people.

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Doruk Kutlu

I tried (multiple times) posting an answer on SO.

Once, the accepted answer(s) were clearly wrong, and I wanted to link to the relevant part of the docs - I thought copy/paste the docs verbatim would be frowned upon. However, the comment was removed as "it lacked explanation".

The other times were not that important; there wasn't misinformation, just incomplete. I scribbled a few sentences as I was passing by. It was also removed.

See the common pattern? They wanted me to "spend time" to meet their "quality standards". Half the "accepted answers" are wrong for a reason, only the mediocre put up with it. In depth answers are from those who want to prop up their resume. Those people are SO's real driving force, not the up-and-coming generation.

I am glad they are being perceived as hostile, and are trying to trick you into hanging around with the plastic smiles on their faces.