Interview with Vladimir Dementyev, author of `anycable` and `ruby-next`

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[Interview] Daragh Byrne – Debugging Coding Minds

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Essential Books That Every Programmer Should Read—Lists by Andy Hunt, Eric Freeman, and Cory Althoff

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22 Things You Should Give Up If You Want To Be A Successful Developer

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How to Get an Awesome Software Developer Job If Everyone Continues to Reject You

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Add an Image to a PDF file using Node.JS (script)

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#discussWhat would you ask a very experienced software engineer?

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Change These 3 Things to Immediately Improve Your Results

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#discuss🎵 Productivity / Focus / Brain Music and It's Effect

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#watercoolerDo you hate mornings? Here’s how I learned to love them

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3 Smart Ways To Increase Learnability, Confidence, and Results

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Want To Write The Best Code You Possibly Can? Read this

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The Prestige: The Secret You Don’t Want to Overlook

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7 Things I Learned Pursuing a Job in a Silicon Valley Startup

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