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Is Wyam.IO for ASP.NET and Core aspirants?

Abdul-Jabbar Bozdar
I am a C++ programmer.
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Recently, I have been wondering around about ASP.Net out of frustration. However, events are getting quite clear now. I want to discuss about Wyam now. is a static site generator built on latest Microsoft stack. Although the development is in progress, it gives an impression of greatest possibilities. It only works on Windows at this time, but a .net core implementation is on the way as stated on its Github repo. I haven't used it yet, but I want to know if anyone has tried it out.

As a .Net developer, how do you see this project?
How will it compete against blazing fast other static site generator?
In two years, it has only attracted 53 contributors and 1537 commits. Does the project seem to have any future?

Thank you very much for your time.

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Rajmond Burgaj • Edited

I was thinking to create one for my specific needs and I think I am going to check this out, it seems to be interesting static data content generator. If it provides features like creating custom document(which according to docs it can do), execute specific events on document creation, modification etc and give you all necessary data to these events, optimize image processing, store json data etc I will give it a try because seems to be what I am looking for :), thanks for the article

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Abdul-Jabbar Bozdar Author

All the best, Rajmond. Let me know if it is working for you.