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I am here to create a social media presence... I want to connect with developers get to know their ideas and share mine

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Software Developer at Amdocs

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Day 100: I did it !!

Congrats Margaret ... I watched you since you started the cha...

Slice in JavaScript

Very nicely explained

Thinking in React Reference

It was very informative but i lost you... maybe because m new...

Deploying Gatsby on Netlify 💻

you always deliver quality content 💖😊

Fetching data from an api using React/Redux

Hi Markus, Thanks for the beautiful article... It clarified ...

Welcome Thread - v85

Hi Margaret, Happy to have you here... I liked some of your ...

Welcome Thread - v85

Cool 😂😂👌👌

Welcome Thread - v85

Hello... Wel Come to the team 😊😊

How to learn a skill?

I meant to say... I really liked your views... the things tha...

How to learn a skill?

wow... worth noting 😊😊🦄

10 VS Code Extensions for FrontEnd Engineer

Obviously, how can one not like something that is made with s...

Welcome Thread - v82

Welcome to the community

Welcome Thread - v82

all the best Raja... I am on the journey to becoming a fronte...

Welcome Thread - v82

all the best... you are at the right platform :)

How to build confidence in coding any programming language?

Thanks man, it is really helpful. I will practice with dedica...

My 2019 in DEV Community - Top 500 Authors and Everything about ME

wow man, that's cool... It's difficult to focus on a dream wh...

My 2019 in DEV Community - Top 500 Authors and Everything about ME

I also had similar issues... I think when we do not know the ...

CSS Filter

This is so awesome

Welcome Thread - v77

Hello Everyone... Ashutosh Here from India and I am here to c...