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⚛️ The 7 best features of React over the last 7 years

As React turns 7 these are the features that have improved my developer experience the most over that period of time.

2013 - Initial Release

For new features there needs to be tool. React was officially launched on May 29th, 2013

2014 - Developer Tools

The React Developer tools are a browser extension that enables you to easily debug your react app.

React Dev Tools

2015 - Stateless components

React 0.14 introduced the ability to create components using a simple arrow function

// A function component using an ES2015 (ES6) arrow function:
var Aquarium = (props) => {
  var fish = getFish(props.species);
  return <Tank>{fish}</Tank>;
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React 0.14 release docs

2016 - Create React App

Introduced by Dan Abramov in July 2016 Create React App has become a game-changer when it comes to quickly scaffolding a new React App.

Create React App

2017 - React Fiber

React Fiber was the name given to the complete reworking of the React rendering algorithm that greatly improved the performance of app over the previous version

React Fiber

2018 - Lazy Loading & Suspense

Suspense lets you specify the loading indicator in case some components in the tree below it are not yet ready to render. Today, lazy loading components is the only use case supported by Suspense.

React Lazy
React Suspense

2019 - Hooks

Hooks let you use state and other React features in functional components without writing a class.

Intro to Hooks

2020 - Concurrent mode

Concurrent Mode is the newest feature and is something the community has been excited about for a long time. It is a set of new features that help React apps stay responsive and gracefully adjust to the user’s device capabilities and network speed.

Into to concurrent mode

What have been your best features over the years?

Discussion (3)

marlo22 profile image

We shouldn't forget about Fragments. It's very useful feature. Working without it was sometimes really annoying for me. But I'm not sure when it was introduced... Maybe 2017?

meatboy profile image
Meat Boy • Edited on

How concurrent mode in front-end framework makes network faster? Sounds like empty phrase.

luizbaldi profile image
Luiz Baldi

I guess there's no direct correlation between the network and React since React is just a UI library, but rather the way we interact with requests during the rendering process of the UI tree. I do agree that only saying "network speed" sounds confusing.