What do you think about PHP code quality metrics?

i582 profile image Makhnev Petr ・1 min read

At the moment, a lot of PHP code has been written and many of the projects contain a lot of legacy architecture that can be improved. One way to find architecture issues is to use code quality metrics such as Lack of Cohesion in Methods 4 or Instability.

Right now, I'm developing the analyzer for calculating various metrics in PHP code that could process huge codebases in a little time. At the moment, this is about 80k lines of code per second on the Core i7.

Currently only supported:

  1. Afferent couplings:
  2. Efferent couplings:
  3. Instability:
  4. Lack of Cohesion in Methods;
  5. Lack of Cohesion in Methods 4.

However, I am very interested to know what metrics do you consider important and necessary for this kind of analyzer?

Thank you for your time. 🤗


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