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Discussion on: Is using Linux really productive?

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John Teague

So, one of the things I hear about (I've used Linux for more than a decade and Ubuntu mainly) is all of a sudden features like audio start dropping out, including headsets, mics, and players or similar services. This is most commonly associated with a condition where the machine is hitting it's upper resource limits e.g. RAM. The machine having reached it's limits will start to shutdown less important services to prevent the OS from stalling out completely (freezing up). You can test for that condition by installing HTOP

Restart your machine and open a terminal. Then run htop command and keep an eye on resource levels as you start adding/opening/using apps. a lot of tabs open on Chrome on Gnome, apps that load your machine. It's a pretty good method to see if you may need more RAM or maybe upgrade soundcard, especially on older machines and laptops. This is a WAG mind you, but could be helpful. At the least it will eliminate that cause.

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Aindriú Mac Giolla Eoin

Bashtop is much better