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Shiny Object Syndrome or: How Not To Focus

This is so awesome! Thank for this!

My two greatest challenges while learning software development

So true!!!!! 😮😮😮😮

Recursion Algorithm Practice: Fibonacci Sequence Generator

I will too! 😅

What's the Betamax of your field?

I loved the command language, but never understood RPGLE!

If you switched to a new Social Network, what could be your reason ?

I won't switch, I think, quit them all rather.

If you switched to a new Social Network, what could be your reason ?

But why switch in the first place?

One of many lessons on learning from companies regarding shiny new stuff.

Oh yes absolutely, My point was on trying to focus on stuff...

Write clean code and avoid the distractions of emerging technology

If you're listening for every signal, you are going to fry...

The Depression and Anxiety Paradox

This is absolutely true, I think managing it overtime can h...

explainable web?

Yeah exactly! Full stack override!

explainable web?

Thanks Ben for responding! It was more of a thought, less ...

Coding Bytes: Part 1 — (Intro &) Data Types

I’ve also come to peace with the fact that I may learn/wor...

Clean code and why I'm behind!

The refactored code is actually the solution in codewars! 😅...

[Solved] How can I publish a post in my drafts?

THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How Glitch taught me the Node.js stack

Hi there ! thanks for the article, I personally use repl, i...

How to lose a Job in 10 minutes

Hello ! I tried your problem, just to see if I can do it,...