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COVID-19 Vaccine Genome Sequence Leaked On Github

Huzaifa Rasheed
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So, I recently heard the news that a group of Stanford researchers Leaked Moderna’s messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccine for the novel coronavirus.

They went on to publish its genetic sequence on Github.

You can find it on the GitHub repo Assemblies-of-putative-SARS-CoV2-spike-encoding-mRNA-sequences-for-vaccines-BNT-162b2-and-mRNA-1273

The documents they published to Github repo includes (2 files/pages)

  • The entire mRNA sequence for Moderna’s vaccine.
  • A for explanation.

The Stanford Researchers Team wrote that although Moderna’s mRNA has ended up in a large swathe of the population, scientists and medical personnel don’t have access to the actual genetic sequences involved.

According to Stanford scientists Andrew Fire and Massa Shoura

We didn't reverse engineer the vaccine. We posted the putative sequence of two synthetic RNA molecules that have become sufficiently prevalent in the general environment of medicine and human biology in 2021. As the vaccine has been rolling out, these sequences have begun to show up in many different investigational and diagnostic studies. Knowing these sequences and having the ability to differentiate them from other RNAs in analyzing future biomedical data sets is of great utility.

Disclaimer: This does not mean that you can make your own vaccine as said by the Standford Team in

No, this is not a vaccine "recipe". You cannot clone this mRNA sequence and neither should you.
1- it is incomplete.
2- a vaccine contains many more elements than just the mRNA (and it is way more complex).

What do you guys think? Will the Github Repo by these Scientists eventually help out?

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decentralizuj profile image

No, politic is over humanity this days...

nefomemes profile image

That being said, NGO entities can still do their best to help humanity.

And I'm pretty sure there are some goverments out there that prioritize on saving people than politics.