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Fast Connect - Standalone React WebRTC Application

Elman Huseynov
Full Stack Web developer with more than 4 years of exp.
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COVID-19 Changed the world...

Since the year 2020 world is different. The majority of people change the way of workflow from Office to Remote mode.
We are required to use different enterprise applications to create communication between each other.
Each of them has its own advantages, but in most cases, you have to register or download the application to use it.
Besides, you have to pay for "Premium" accounts sometimes if you want to have extra options.
Moreover, in some countries, you can not use that popular software, because they have been blocked.

So this is the time when Fast Connect comes around...

By using our application you DO NOT NEED to download anything to your device or pay for anything.
You can create a new conference and use all features for ABSOLUTELY FREE and without registration ;)

All you have to do is to take 2 steps:

  1. Create a unique ID for the conference, send it to all your colleagues.
  2. Enter that ID on the homepage and start your conference.



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Application features:

  • No registration and NO "PREMIUM" accounts
  • Realtime video/audio conference with unlimited number of users
  • Different rooms creating an option for conversations
  • Chat for sending messages
  • Screen Sharing option

Technologies that used in the creation of this app:

  • React JS
  • TypeScript
  • Material UI
  • Node / Express js
  • Socket IO
  • Peer JS

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