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Discussion on: I'm switching to vim!

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Simon Kamoza

Ok, text editing using vim is my favorite time of the day
But how about debugging? Go to definition?

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for (n)vim is vimspector and vim-dap. vimspector is quite good, but i dont have experience with dap.

For general heavy IDE stuff - take a look in coc-vim this thing supports a lots of stuff like quickfix, go to definition/reference, show docs, and some other codeactions. This extension supports most of the features which a lsp is providing.

But here its maybe worth it to take a look in to the nvim lsp feature which should cover the same stuff.

But vim ist still just only a text editor. The learning curve is high, and most of the time you will at least pay with your time to adapt, and have maybe script addiotional stuff, that it can support your workflow. (like trigger your builds, tests or debug session with a shortkey)

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Siddharth Author

I actually don't use my IDE for debugging. So I'll never know the difference, I guess?

I actually don't use most of my IDE, so I'm really comfortable with this transition.