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How to increase your productivity in a few taps

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By eliminating all the social networks, games or applications from my phone that consumed a LOT of my time I managed to save several hours a week that I can now use in more useful activities.

I recently read Digital Minimalism: Choosing a Focused Life in a Noisy World by Cal Newport. The book helped me to realize the time I was wasting on activities that offered no benefit to me, such as spending hours scrolling on Facebook or Instagram, or playing games instead of working.

I installed an application on my phone that helps me identify which apps I've been using and for how long.

My weekly use of my phone

30 hours looking at my phone in a week. That's insane 🤯️

So what I did was to delete all the social networks, games or unnecessary apps that didn't offer me a benefit me at all. I won't deny it, it was difficult at the beginning but eventually you get used to it.

My weekly use of my phone after deleting useless apps

So with a few taps, I managed to save 24 hours a week. That's equivalent to one day a week that I can now use in more productive activities that have more impact on my life.

Try it for yourself, eliminate for a week or two all those apps that make you check your phone every minute. At the end of the break, analyze if this provided you any benefit in your productivity or your personal and social life.

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Good stuff...

I remember deleting my facebook account 2 years ago ...

I don’t have instagram,
And I have blocked WhatsApp status and that helped me a lot actually...

But Twitter is like a drug I can’t stop using it...

Let me give the application a try ans see where i can improve...


Something that worked for me was to establish some rules. For example, I started to limit myself to use Facebook less than five minutes a day. Over time, I got used to it, and some days I even forgot to use it.

The concept of Digital Minimalism is not about to stop using technology but to focus your time on activities that support things you value.