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Discussion on: Why I left CSS-in-JS and returned to good old CSS preprocessors

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Ashish Khare😎

I bet your next post must be titled : Why I left css preprocessors and returned to good old css with methodologies like CUBE etc.?

Just joking. Great article. Only I hate css preprocessors, and love to write plain css in CUBE style. Good day man!

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Aleksei Berezkin Author • Edited

Thanks, got your point 😉 Perhaps it's the matter of taste but I'm not a fan of “global” CSS, like, you know, in CUBE you define btn or wrapper and use it globally; I'm rather into component/block way where there's little or no global styles, and every component has its own one. So, chances are I'm not going to write a post about CUBE vs BEM or preprocessors; however, I'd be happy to read one 🙂