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re: Programming Languages To Learn In 2020 To Boost Your Career As A Software Developer VIEW POST

re: There are a loads of not-mentioned-programming-languages out there. Why do you think Kotlin should be listed?

I mention kotlin in particular because it's still a new language. A new language that has already taken over Java in the realm of Android and is on its way to become the go-to language of the mobile world with kottlin multiplatform.

Pivotal has already announced they fully support kotlin for spring framework with DSLs and documentation and other ways. This means that new server side applications are going to be written in kotlin, not Java. And many old applications will be converted over.

In the realm of native compilation, kotlin native is already making its way to rasberry pi and also into mobile optimizations that better run natively than in jvm.

Finally, KotlinJS is still early but has huge potential to allow us to program webpages in kotlin then transpile to js. Which means full stack kotlin could very much be a reality in the coming years. Notable projects are create-kotlin-react-app which allows us to create react apps with full kotlin DSL. Another project that can lift this up to the sky is Dukat which would allow automatic interface generation for typescript libraries in kotlin!

So my friend milosz, would any other language compete with kotlin in terms of future career boosting!?

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