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Launching TalRemote: Get quality remote opportunities in your Inbox :)

hrishikesh1990 profile image hrishikesh1990 ・1 min read

Hey everyone 👋

As you all may have recognised from my past posts, I am very passionate about remote working. For over 2 years, I have been writing on remote work and also built a remote community at Remote Clan.

So, it is with great excitement that I want to share with you about TalRemote. It is:

An exclusive platform for top developers to receive opportunities from remote tech companies - all in your inbox!


No more painful and time-consuming job searches. Instead:

  • Just invest 10 mins of your time to fill a simple form
  • I will then make a tailor-made "Remote CV" for you
  • Opportunities will reach your inbox thereafter!
  • We have just opened our signups and it is completely free for developers. So, please sign up!

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Moritz Makowski

Looks nice!

Just out of curiosity: How do you guarantee this "exclusiveness" when anyone can join the platform?

hrishikesh1990 profile image
hrishikesh1990 Author

We have a review process (part automated & part manual) in place, so not everyone who signs up gets in :)