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Discussion on: I made 100 high-quality illustrations, totally free. Use it anywhere without attribution.

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hrishikesh1990 Author

I have always found design to be a huge handicap for anything that I create. I started by creating these for myself and using it on my projects majorly Remote Tools. So thought might as well open source it & give back to the community.

I have added many more illustrations though before making the website live. Hopefully, in future, it might drive some traffic to my projects too :)

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Darren Kearney (he/him)

Illustrations are very important for delivering a message so I am surprised that these are free because they look like a lot of time and expertise has gone into the creation of these illustrations.

Too many designers work for "exposure", which is why I am asking about this. I don't see any problem if you made these artworks yourself, or if you paid another illustrator to make these and have the rights to use them as you wish. Once the artist is paid. And if you are the artist, you can do artwork for your own promotion, why not? Not everyone has the resources to invest in decent illustrations so the fact you are willing to provide these for free is great. Fair play to you in this case, everyone can benefit!

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hrishikesh1990 Author • Edited on

Well said, Darren - it pretty much sums up the entire rationale :)

The illustrations take a lot of time & effort since I want to keep it high quality - started on this back in March/April.